Texas Pecan Whole Bean Coffee - WEB EXCLUSIVE



Texas Pecan Coffee, by Gruene Coffee Haus, has historically been a favorite blend of the band. As we fostered a love for strong brews over the past decade-plus on the road, we always dreamed of someday having a blend of our own.

When it came time to start developing Whiskey Myers Coffee, our coffee aficionado Jeff Hogg couldn't think of a better way to launch it than to partner with Gruene Coffee Haus. Today we introduce his favorite pecan blend in exclusive Wiggy packaging.  We work with GCH to roast these beans as fresh as possible. 

This blend is just the beginning of the Whiskey Myers official coffee line. We will be continuously working to bring you our favorite and unique blends of coffee while adding a little bit of rock-n-roll to our branding and packaging along the way.

Bag Size: 12oz
Type: 100% Arabica whole beans

A Note About The Blend From Gruene Coffee Haus:
“This medium roast, gourmet Costa Rican coffee is covered with our popular secret recipe of pecan, caramel and vanilla extract oils. We then stir in fresh pecan pieces from Oliver Pecan Company, located right here in TX. When you grind your coffee to fill your morning cup, those pecan pieces get ground up with it like tiny exploding flavor capsules.” 

**Please note this coffee does have nuts in it.  If you are allergic to nuts this coffee isn't for you. 

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